2017… Back to the Beach.

Yeah.. I’m that artist who was arrested for my towel dropping last year on Fourth of July. What resulted was a media blitz, mad humiliation and ptsd, but I’m strong. I’m human and I’m an artist. And an important part of those things, is staying true to yourself, and to your art, and braving your […]

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The three top images were shot this month in my new studio/house, and I was hesitant to shoot some of the setups because I was like, i feel like i’ve done the circle framing thing before…. Then, I found a bunch of older images, that I had thought were lost forever, and I had backed […]

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The STYX SERIES continues..

Definitely the longest running project in Fox’s career, the Styx Series focuses on capturing a modern take on the Greek Myth of the River Styx, of tokens of payment left over the eyes of the dead in an offer to ferry them across the River Styx to the afterlife. It also pays homage to turn […]

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