The STYX SERIES continues..

Definitely the longest running project in Fox’s career, the Styx Series focuses on capturing a modern take on the Greek Myth of the River Styx, of tokens of payment left over the eyes of the dead in an offer to ferry them across the River Styx to the afterlife. It also pays homage to turn […]

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An ART as wearable FASHION collaboration between Krys Fox and designer Purevile! BEEFCAKE SAINTS features 13 beautiful men dripping in Purevile’s fashions and shot with surreal magic by Fox. Images are available in limited edition jewelry pieces (collars, rosaries, pendants and brooches) and postcard sets (all 13 men signed and numbered by the srtists for […]

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The DOGS of NYC Series

I’m a bit of a dog whisperer. Don’t mean to brag, but the little guys love me. I wanted to play with an idea of showing the differences between the boroughs in NYC through the dogs folks are walking.. The series has just started this past spring.. but I’m quite taken with it so far.. […]

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