KRYS FOX is a NYC based photographer, filmmaker and artist specializing in portraiture with a dark, emotional, surreal filter. With inspiration ranging from Surrealism, 70’s Underground and Exploitation Cinema, Victorian and Latin American Art and Queer Culture, Fox’s eye is unique, intense, unflinching and tender.
Originally from Southern California, Fox relocated to NY in 2010. His work has been exhibited throughout California, NY and the UK.

In 2016, Krys presented his latest works in SCORPIO RISING. His third Solo Exhibition in Manhattan, Scorpio Rising was an entirely black and white show that opened two days after Trump was elected. Subjects were men and women, mostly from the LGBTQ community and the Rock n Roll world, stepped in a free, sexually rich, exhibitionistic light. Held at MADAME X in Downtown NYC for three months, the exhibit was lit entirely with red lighting and surrounded by velvet, overstuffed chairs and dark corners. Conceptually it was meant to resemble a dark room, with the red lights adding to a secret viewing experience, seeing the artists work in metallic prints almost as if you were invited to view them before the public.

In 2015, Fox had his second solo Manhattan Exhibition, THE BOYS OF SPRING, at the landmark Gene Frankel Theater, turning the space into a field of flowers, clothes lines and an interactive feast of surrealist edgy male form and flora.

In 2014-15 he presented his first Manhattan Solo Exhibition at Chelsea Eye Art Gallery. Curated by Tracy Von Becker, the show was entitled STYX & STONES and featured pieces from his ongoing Styx Series, a study of Memento Mori, and using elements of Greek Mythology and Turn of the Century Death Portraiture.

In 2013, he toured the UK with his solo retrospective FOX ON THE RUN. Featuring a traveling exhibition in London, Manchester and Scotland, FOTR displayed celebrity portraits, homoerotic themes and wildlife and still life works, encapsulating the variety and through narrative of his past 15 years of work.

He has also shown his work with fellow NYC artists, Scooter LaForge and Walt Cessna in the popular series of WOLFPACK exhibitions both locally and overseas, with Al Benkin for the TRANSFORMATIONS show at Tribes Gallery, as well as numerous other group showings in Manhattan and Brooklyn, including The Leslie Lohmann Museum, Splatterpool Art Space, and Strange Loop Gallery.

His work has been featured on a Times Square Billboard for ART TAKES TIMES SQUARE (2012), Postcards from the Edge and Housing Works charity auctions (2011-15), and Solo Exhibitions at the Gay and Lesbian Centers of SF & LA. His work is included in the private collection of Charles Leslie, founder of the Leslie Lohman Museum, the only American museum for queer and LGBT art.

In print his work has graced the pages of Paper Magazine, Time Out New York, Out, The Advocate, UK’s Gay Times Magazine, Homosurrealism Magazine, Mascular Magazine, Headmaster Magazine No 2, Next, Frontiers, Next Door Magazine (and two years of covers!), RFD Magazine, Summer Diary Project, Pink Mince, QX Magazine, XY and others. He has photo spreads in three coffee table books published by Bruno Gmudner, as well as one of NY Legend Joey Arias in the coffee table collection DR.A.G., and is currently at work on publishing books featuring his popular, annual 31 Days of Halloween Series and his ongoing Styx Series.

After a year break out of the public eye, his future exhibitions coming up include a new NYC show, and exhibits in Mexico City, New Orleans, Los Angeles, Brazil & New Zealand in 2018 & 2019.
He lives in NYC with his chihuahua Rocky and loves empanadas and scary movies.


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