PROVINCETOWN, MA: Bear Week 2016


Ahhh Ptown. No place like it in the world.. Well, the only place I keep seeing when I’m there is Amity Island from JAWS. Provincetown is essentially GAY JAWS. And thats the highest compliment I can give any place ever.  I unfortunately couldn’t attend the yearly Bear Week there this year, but I was there last year and I shot a lot of portraits, so as I miss my seaside fur ball community, I thought I’d share them here._GHP0401_GHP0406_GHP0407_GHP0421_GHP0426_GHP0431_GHP0661_GHP0734_GHP0783_GHP0823GHP_0664GHP_0717GHP_0980GHP_1032GHP_1034GHP_1040GHP_1049GHP_1167GHP_1202GHP_1230GHP_1235GHP_1237GHP_1240 (1)GHP_1252GHP_1253_GHP0374 (1)GHP_0656GHP_1247GHP_1176GHP_1169GHP_1168GHP_1164GHP_1163GHP_0973GHP_0722GHP_1046GHP_1150GHP_1043GHP_1149GHP_1147GHP_1036GHP_0285_GHP0265GHP_1181GHP_1035GHP_1028_GHP0449GHP_1045_GHP0693

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