FLOATING in a COCKTAIL GLASS. (behind the scenes images from Amanda Palmer’s newest music video)

Amanda Palmer and I have been friends for over a decade. She and I met one night in LA. I had just performed at a club night called BOOTIE, a mash-up party I was a resident performer at. She was outside chatting with people and I asked who the cool girl with the one smeared eyebrow was.. I found out she was the lead singer of The Dresden Dolls, a band I’d seen twice (and LOVED) in SF. One an ex was super into, and thus I was resistant to, cuz, exes. She was very fun and silly with me and I fell in love.

Since then, I’d bumped into her several times a year.. At Coachella, photographing her Who Killed Amanda Palmer Solo Tour for newspapers & magazines, at shows for mutual artist friends etc..

I’ve been in two of her music videos in the past. One, an impromptu ninja shoot of her covering a Cat Stevens song on the beach, while i wore a see through sequined dress and a top hat. Another in Brooklyn, an ode to pubic hair titled Map of Tasmania. I wore a merkin with Hot Wheels on it.. and had to reshoot my close up a month later. Cuz, balls.

I’ve become sort of her go-to behind the scenes photographer. Shooting backstage antics, babies, bandmates, and most performances in the NY area. I adore her. She’s brave, honest, very giving and open, and most of all she is a very good friend who happens to be extremely talented.

These images were shot over two fun & wet days last spring in a gay bar in Brooklyn and in a swimming pool in Manhattan for her newest song/video FLOATING IN A COCKTAIL GLASS. I am tickled to show you what we’d been hiding for nearly a year. There were mermaids, there was a baby, there was breast milk poured in a martini glass, and there was a beta in an even bigger martini glass.. one I took home and named Prince Amanda. Prince had just died that week. Alas, Prince Amanda passed recently, where he swims with the other fishes in the sky.

Thanks for having me as part of this circus family Amanda. I love you.csc_0420csc_0440csc_0446csc_0452csc_0493csc_0555csc_0563csc_0760csc_0962csc_0963csc_0969dsc_1016csc_0510csc_0433csc_0501csc_0524csc_0966csc_0972amandacublinds




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