The STYX SERIES continues..

csc_0530Definitely the longest running project in Fox’s career, the Styx Series focuses on capturing a modern take on the Greek Myth of the River Styx, of tokens of payment left over the eyes of the dead in an offer to ferry them across the River Styx to the afterlife. It also pays homage to turn of the century Memento Mori death portraiture, asking for those alive to remember one day they will be gone and to live your days to the fullest.

csc_0042Conceived as a project to feature 1000 subjects, ranging from friends to lovers to favorite performers to children and the homeless lady by the bodega, in short, all the people in his life.


Taking a year break after an exhibition featuring 32 of the portraits in 2014, he started shooting the series again in 2016, initially with a series involving Lotteria Cards on subjects at Riis Beach, each symbolizing a victim of the shooting at Pulse in Florida. An arrest that made headlines for a towel dropping on Fourth of July during this project’s creation ceased production while Fox limited his social media presence to deal with the anxiety this incident instilled.


Late in 2016 and leading into 2017, the shoots are being created again with hopes to tour an evolving Styx Exhibition across the globe, adding subjects in new cities and eventually to colminate in a STYX BOOK. To be considered for the project, email


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