An ART as wearable FASHION collaboration between Krys Fox and designer Purevile! BEEFCAKE SAINTS features 13 beautiful men dripping in Purevile’s fashions and shot with surreal magic by Fox. Images are available in limited edition jewelry pieces (collars, rosaries, pendants and brooches) and postcard sets (all 13 men signed and numbered by the srtists for $60 a set) as well as large scale 16×20 metallic prints (limited edition runs $300 each) To get your favorite SAINT email: krystopherson@yahoo.comCSC_0920CSC_0494CSC_0620CSC_0529CSC_0479CSC_0580CSC_0554CSC_0619CSC_0612CSC_0651CSC_0649CSC_0946CSC_0941CSC_0893DSC_0303CSC_0139CSC_0353CSC_0399CSC_0421CSC_0425CSC_0429CSC_0508CSC_0552CSC_0588CSC_0613CSC_0633CSC_0902CSC_0923TBWPOSETIMLARGE7WALLET














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