In honor of my yearly October tradition/marathon: The 31 Days of Halloween Series, I thought I’d share a recap of what’s come before.






Back in 2012, when Istarted the original series, I’d never imagined that it would be completed, let alone have continued tobecome my annual marathon of cinematic horrorscenes/images.



suspiria_remastered I had begun shooting the series as an”impossible project”, to recreate and shoot 31 horror movie homages and share them with a blog each day of October.

gremlins_remastered Part of the reason for shooting was that it was an idea I always carried in my mind to shoot “wheni had money” and I wanted it to “come alive”.

invisibleman_alt I also had just finished an exhibition in the UK, and had post-show depression, and needed a project to keep busy and refill the creative well.

serpentrainbow_remastered Lastly, I wanted to shoot what I love (scary movies) and show how changing gender changes meaning and impact of horror stereotypes.. which I did, some of the time..


poltergeist_remastered I decided to start shooting it in September, and I did a few, and they all went pretty smooth and easy and gave me confidence and excitement and then I got sick. I had pneumonia for a few weeks!

blob_remastered By the time I healed itwas October 2nd and I had one more image in my queue to share and had to shoot 25 days straight to finish the series.

anaconda_scream_remastered So, I shot every day, several movies a day, and it was a lot harder than I’d imagined!! Sort of  like film school in a month! At the end of October, we had Hurricane Sandy here in NY.
redrum_remastered I shot the last three shots (TheShining, Halloween & Bram Stoker’s Dracula)on the day Sandy arrived.. walking home with myequipment through the storm after trains and buses had been discontinued.
bramstoker_lucy_remastered But I FINISHED! Even if half the East Coast had no internet and couldn’t see the posts, andthe fact that Halloween was virtually cancelled in NYC that year… I still finished. It had nearly killed me but I gave my viewers (and myself) 36 scary movie tributes, including most of my favorite films. Most. Some of my favorites didn’t make the cut.

lasthouseontheleft_remastered Due to all sorts of reasons, financial stuff, weather changing stuff, model cancellations and re-castings, or simply not being able to “figure them out”, certain movies couldn’t be included.


alien_remastered So, there was gonna have to be a Year Two.evildead_remastered


ghouliesThough, some things changed the second time around.. stigmata_remastereddrjekyll_remastered

lastexorcism I shot a few earlier in the year, and I also got to shoot outside the country.BLACKXMAS_REMASTERED
INSIDIOUS_CU I shot the An American Werewolf in London image on REAL moors..awil_3

freddyvsjason_remastered I also got to shoot my favorite popcorn flick of all time, JAWS, very close to the actual stretch of Atlantic Ocean in the film!!

jaws_remastered The year prior we couldn’t shoot in the ocean due to severe temperature shifts and obviously, hurricanes.conjuring_remastered
iknowwhatyoudidlastsummer_bwHowever, I had less “free” time to shoot and despite my early bird attempts, many of the images were still shot the day before they were posted in October… andit still was a very difficult and very challenging series.

may_color I got in most of the films that I felt needed to be included, butnot all…wolfman_bw Year Three was a bit of a non-event. I had a demanding day job and low funds, and long tiringhours and despite my best intentions, only six films were shot and shared before I decided to pull the plug on the marathon.

it_remasteredI had my first Manhattan Solo Art Exhibition during that same time period, showcasing my Styx Series, and we focused on that. Which turned out to be the right decision, it needed all my energy and it turned out to be a success! But my inner pumpkin was sad.

alanwrapped_alt And I promised I’d  return the following year with a full month of new images and that’s what I’m doing!!hellraiser_cu As I write this, I’m HALFWAY done shooting Year Four. It’s the second week of September, and I think that’s the most “ahead” I’ve ever been with these bad boys.grudge_bw I’m pretty proud of what I have created so far.. but there is still a lot of hard ones in the pipeline that I’m spooked of. Hopefully, when I start releasing them in October, you will love them! audition_alt I’m attempting to cast a lot of returning models from previous years (kind of my own homage to Ryan Murphy and his American Horror Story casting) as well as some pretty exciting newcomers!!


So, check back October 1st,2015  for the First Day of 31 Days of Halloween YEARFOUR!!


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