AMANDA PALMER and her beautiful NYPL Performance 8/2015

Palmer being filmed by the brilliant and wonderful MICHAEL POPE.

THIS WEEK I had the pleasure of being able to photograph my dear friend and muse, Amanda fucking Palmer (The Dresden Dolls) as she said goodbye to the world for a bit, in order to give birth to her first child..


At eight months pregnant, she held a surprise “thing” at The NY Public Library, funded by the folks (including myself) at


In what was equal parts performance art, political statement and book drive, Amanda performed onstage as a living statue (her former career before Rock and Rolling) as hundreds queued up to present children’s books for literacy and for those without means for purchasing books for their young ones. Her body paint inspired by the classic statue “VERITY” by Damien Hirst, was bronze on one side and flayed on the other, and breathtaking! Her trusty ukelele was even painted anatomically. John Cameron Mitchell (Hedwig/ Shortbus) was on hand to disrobe her and her wondeful husband, Neil Gaiman was there to beam on the sidelines and provide the last books donated. I feel very proud to say that I know these artists, and that they are part of an extended circus art family I have made here in NYC. Which is stunning to me. People who inspire my work through music, words and film… and who are brave, strong, loving and living art. I love you Amanda (and Neil and John), now go have that baby and some much needed and deserved rest. I can’t wait to meet him and kiss his baby head. ~K


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