The BOYS of SPRING: New Series & Exhibition!

New Series to celebrate the body, the beauty of spring’s gifts, and the fact that WINTER IS FINALLY OVER!

SOLO PRIDE Exhibition @ The Gene Frankel Theater. Opening Reception: FRIDAY, JUNE 19th 2015.
Select pieces still on view at 24 Bond Street, NY, NY
Many still available to purchase.. Printed on gorgeous metallic paper in sizes 8×10, 11×14 & 16×20.
email for info.
springstyxbryan witchinghourb:w bos-wolfy2 ticktickboom bos-valentine love bos-wolfy bwtimothy styxchadl bos-frankie bwstyxattilla bos-eric bwmartin bos-derek styxlarid bos-comet bwaric emotions bwbnosmatthew1 altcometlandbosscootbwbosbrettthistlealtwolfystyxbwbosandyflower bwbosandy altandy bwbosbrett2 althippybryan bwboscomet CSC_0197 bwbosderek bwbosderekcircle styxaric bwbosfrankie frankiestyx bwbosscooter altwolfyrose bwbryan2 altvalentine bwchadbos altlaughingmatter bwbosbryan bos-magicbrett bwbosjuano altbryan altbearclaw altgreenlights bwboslarid bwfrankie bos-aric bwstyxtimothy bos-brad bwgreystokegrayscale bos-brettalt bwbosmartin bos-chad bwbosmatthew2 bos-lanzieros bos-martin bos-scooter bos-timothy bwfatherfigures

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