LIFE’S A BEACH. Photos from Riis Beach & The Rockaways 2010-2014

sandsleep One of the more tucked away, “secret” beaches in NYC, Riis features a hideaway “queer-friendly”, clothing optional piece of sand and water overlooked by a now vacant Mental Health Facility, and graffiti. It’s sort of like American Horror Story: ASYLUM, but with drag queens and trannys. It’s one of my NY happy places, and where I tend to frequent all summer long. It’s been teased that I may do a book of my adventures, anda show may be coming next summer.. Here’s some highlights over the years.. I find them warming during the cold winter months.. A reminder that winter ends eventually, and then we play in the surf. ENJOY.DSC_0619 CSC_1630 CSC_1501 CSC_1362 Weeds ScreenTest Burst Bergman CSC_0167 soldierstyx

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